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Teen Bisex Porn knew he had to get up to piss. He moved her arm and eased out of bed, looking Teen Bisex Porn at her Teen Bisex Porn beautiful naked body as he got up. She was a beautiful young woman, and he felt his cock stir Teen Bisex Porn as he headed to the bathroom. He passed the Teen Bisex Porn guest room as he went Teen Bisex Porn down the hall, looked it and saw Lynne had already wakened and she had Rex's cock stuffed into her mouth. She looked up as he walked by and waved Teen Bisex Porn to him. She was Teen Bisex Porn really working Rex over and knew he probably wouldn't last long at the rate she was moving her head. Rex was telling Lynne "Damnit you little whore, Teen Bisex Porn I've got to piss so bad I can't stand it." But Lynne kept sucking his cock, hoping she Teen Bisex Porn would Teen Bisex Porn get breakfast before long. She reached down and massaged his balls, and felt his cock grow wider and he began to flood her mouth with his hot cum. She kept sucking, not wanting to miss a drop. Finally she let him go and he jumped from bed and headed for the bathroom. Teen Bisex Porn Johnny passed him Teen Bisex Porn in the hall and laughed. "She's a cocksucker isn't she, Rex." Johnny entered the guest room, Teen Bisex Porn and Lynne told him to get Teen Bisex Porn over to her. He walked Teen Bisex Porn over and she grabbed his cock, and aimed it at Teen Bisex Porn her mouth. She looked at him Teen Bisex Porn as she took him into her mouth and started sucking. He Teen Bisex Porn had become used to this, she loved the taste of cum Teen Bisex Porn first thing in the morning and almost every morning she fellated him. He watched as she moved Teen Bisex Porn up and down his cock and she reached up and began to fondle his balls. He was glad he had already pissed because he knew she would have Teen Bisex Porn to work at him for a little while now. Teen Bisex Porn She pushed forward and Teen Bisex Porn he felt his cock go into her throat, and then she began to fuck him with her mouth and throat. His cock got harder and she moved her head faster as she mouth fucked him. She felt his balls tighten Teen Bisex Porn up Teen Bisex Porn and he Teen Bisex Porn reached down and took her head in his hands as he began to buck his hips into her face, she dropped her hand from his balls and just enjoyed the feeling he was giving her. She orgasmed as he fucked her mouth and he fucked her even harder. Rex walked in the room Teen Bisex Porn and sat on the bed. He watched as Lynne let Johnny fuck her mouth. He marvelled at this woman, she was so beautiful, so happy to please men and such a Teen Bisex Porn fucking whore. He heard Johnny announce he was going to cum and Lynne pushed her face as far as she could into his crotch and Rex watched her Adams Apple moved Teen Bisex Porn up and down and he knew she was swallowing as Johnny pumped his cum directly into her stomach. She kept still and 3 or 4 minutes later, Johnny pulled his softened cock from her mouth, and Lynne looked at him and said "I love you, Teen Bisex Porn Johnny, thank you for Teen Bisex Porn everything" and she kissed his cock. She looked at Rex and he saw tears running down her cheeks and wondered if it was because she had been deep throating or something else. Johnny sat Teen Bisex Porn down and Rex asked if Jennifer was still asleep. Johnny told him when he went to take a piss she was still sleeping. Lynne decided to go find out. Rex began talking to Johnny, asking him what he used to do and if he had Teen Bisex Porn ever been to New Orleans. Johnny explained he was a chaffeur for an influential lawyer in Atlanta, and went on to explain Teen Bisex Porn about Lynne's husband. He told Teen Bisex Porn Rex of Lynne's twin daughters and how many times he Teen Bisex Porn had seen her abused by the men that were invited Teen Bisex Porn to his bosses house. He told him he didn't know how Lynne had made it through, and the only Teen Bisex Porn problem he saw, she was still the Teen Bisex Porn whore Marvin had made her. But he loved her and she was always good to Teen Bisex Porn him. Rex asked if Teen Bisex Porn he would mind if she performed at a party for a few of his friends. Johnny told him Teen Bisex Porn it Teen Bisex Porn really didn't matter what he wanted, it was her decision and he wouldn't hold it against Rex no matter what she did. He Teen Bisex Porn told Rex he wouldn't mind spending the evening with Jennifer anyway. Rex laughed and told him to enjoy himself with her, that like Johnny loved Lynne he would love Teen Bisex Porn Jennifer the rest of his Teen Bisex Porn life. They got Teen Bisex Porn up and headed for the master bedroom. When they entered the bedroom, Lynne had Teen Bisex Porn her face buried in Jennifer's Teen Bisex Porn pussy with Teen Bisex Porn her ass in the air. Johnny told Rex, "She never gets enough sex." Rex's cock had already begun to rise, and he asked Johnny, "Okay, if I nail her, Johnny?" Johnny nodded and Rex moved in behind Lynne and slid his cock into her pussy, she moaned into Jennifer's cunt and Teen Bisex Porn he began fucking her. Jennifer looked at Teen Bisex Porn Rex, and said "Good morning, honey." Rex continued to fuck Lynne, and told her "Good morning, I love you, baby." Jennifer closed Teen Bisex Porn her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Lynne's tongue. Lynne loved the feeling of being fucked while she was eating pussy. Rex pounded into Lynne's pussy with a vengeance. His cock pistoned into her shaved cunt and he reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide, as he inserted his thumbs into Teen Bisex Porn her ass. Teen Bisex Porn She groaned as she felt her Teen Bisex Porn ass spread to accommodate him. He pushed his thumbs deeper into her ass and pulled it open. She ground herself Teen Bisex Porn back against him as Teen Bisex Porn she came, her cunt widening and flooding him with her juices. He picked up his
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