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Male Bisexual Mpeg and grabbed a small tub of lube and squeezed out a drop the Male Bisexual Mpeg size of a dime into his hand. As soon as he closed the Male Bisexual Mpeg tube he lowered his hand to his lover's asshole and started rubbing Male Bisexual Mpeg the lube all around Deacon's anus. Deacon pushed his ass out towards Dave's fingers and pleaded with him to give him what he wanted and needed. "Dave, I'm ready. I don't need any more lube just Male Bisexual Mpeg fuck my ass lover." Dave pulled away and stroked his shaft a few times and then lined his cock Male Bisexual Mpeg up with Deacon's puckered anus and pushed the tip inside his ass. "Oh fuck yeah," Deacon moaned. Male Bisexual Mpeg Dave pushed harder driving all of his Male Bisexual Mpeg massive tool inside Deacon before starting to pump his cock in and out of the tight asshole. "Who's the bitch now?" he teased as Male Bisexual Mpeg he fucked Deacon's tight ass with all his might. Deacon grabbed Dave's face and pulled him in for a kiss as he felt Dave's hand wrap around his shaft and start to jerk him off. "Oh god, Male Bisexual Mpeg you big Male Bisexual Mpeg stud I love when you fuck my ass hard and jerk me off like this," he gasped between Male Bisexual Mpeg breaths. It Male Bisexual Mpeg didn't take long for both men to rush towards their orgasms Male Bisexual Mpeg now and within a few more up and down hand strokes Deacon's cum was spurting from his shaft Male Bisexual Mpeg onto Dave's stomach Male Bisexual Mpeg as Dave aimed the shaft right at him. Dave leaned in and kissed Deacon again as he started pumping harder into his lover's ass. His balls tightened and he Male Bisexual Mpeg knew he was going to fill Deacon Male Bisexual Mpeg up with a hot load Male Bisexual Mpeg now. "Here I cum baby ready or not." Deacon rode Dave's cock Male Bisexual Mpeg pumping his ass at Dave as Dave came in what felt like buckets in his ass. He could feel the Male Bisexual Mpeg cum dripping down his asshole as Dave pulled out. Male Bisexual Mpeg They shared a loving embrace and then Male Bisexual Mpeg headed into the shower for round 2. Thanks to anyone who reads this and please remember to vote. MV A Weekend with a Pervert: Friday He's made an offer that he should've refused. I've always lead a pretty average life by most standards. Male Bisexual Mpeg I'd be lying if I said that getting ladies Male Bisexual Mpeg in Male Bisexual Mpeg my bed took Male Bisexual Mpeg no effort at all. Of course, I've still had my fair share of flings and relationships. I'm not a bad looking guy. I'm 22 years old, 6'0, about 170, well shaved and Male Bisexual Mpeg groomed over all my body. I like to think that a big part of me having a hard time with girls is my constant crappy financial situation. I work a crappy paying nine to five, I drive a 90' Topaz that constantly gives me new things Male Bisexual Mpeg to replace and or fix. And I never seem to have a single dime to spare after I get done paying the Male Bisexual Mpeg bills to my place. And just having moved leaving me Male Bisexual Mpeg with no friends or family in the state really didn't sit well with me. I'd say that my being sick of just barely getting by is the Male Bisexual Mpeg main reason that I did all this that I'm about to tell you. I was pulled over on the side of the road a good ten or fifteen miles from my house. My 'dependable' car had started over-heating so my choices were Male Bisexual Mpeg to sit and wait, or try and fix Male Bisexual Mpeg the thing as if I knew how to. I'd taken a seat on the trunk of my car after Male Bisexual Mpeg getting sick of waiting inside when a truck pulled up behind me. Out from the truck came a large scruffy looking man. Just from his appearing and his pulling over I assumed he was Male Bisexual Mpeg a mechanic or familiar with cars so I eagerly welcomed his presence. So not to cause any problems for him I'll just call him Robert. I told him a little bit about the car and instead Male Bisexual Mpeg of lifting up the hood he suggested we go to a Male Bisexual Mpeg bar just down the street and burn some time. Normally I'd have dismissed the thought of going to a bar with a guy, especially a guy like him, that Male Bisexual Mpeg I didn't know, but sadly enough I had nothing better to do. Once there, we bought a couple rounds and talked about things of no real importance. Somewhere in the Male Bisexual Mpeg mix of it all I'd mentioned how I didn't have a whole lot of money I could spend on what I wanted to. He apparently gave this a little more thought than I did. No more than a half hour passed by before I decided I'd get back to my car and see if I could make it home. As I walked from the bar to my car, Male Bisexual Mpeg Rob Male Bisexual Mpeg jogged up beside me and from out of no where Male Bisexual Mpeg tells me he's got a proposition for me. He tells me that he'll give me 1,500 cash if I'll leave my car where it is Male Bisexual Mpeg and come to his house for the weekend. This kind of money may not seem like much to a lot of Male Bisexual Mpeg people, but 1,500 un-taxed extra bucks to spend on whatever I wanted was very tempting. On the other hand, I knew he didn't want me to come to his house to play catch and Male Bisexual Mpeg I've always been straight. Being with a man in that way simply wasn't on my 'To Do' list. I knew it was a stupid thing to ask, but it's the first thing that came to my Male Bisexual Mpeg lips "Why??" Male Bisexual Mpeg "Because I'm a man with less than usual tastes." "What would I have to do...?" "Anything I want you to do." Ok, so Male Bisexual Mpeg it's not Male Bisexual Mpeg the smartest idea to give your self to a complete stranger for a weekend. It's not the most Male Bisexual Mpeg appealing idea to know that I'll probably be doing all sorts of sexual favors for this grizzly looking man, but I've got greed. I wanted the Male Bisexual Mpeg money, I Male Bisexual Mpeg needed the money, I accepted his offe
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