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Yannah and I kissed all the way back in the taxi while Chrysler bullshitted with the taxi driver and Gay Bi Free Sites Fin and 'Anne' compared bodily piercings. We stopped for a pizza for an hour or so, and eventually made it back to Chysler's flat and Gay Bi Free Sites tumbled over each other to get to the toilet before going into the bedroom. What would Rena the unsuspecting Swiss girlfriend do if she came back to find Chrysler in bed with 2 girls, a guy, and a transvestite? Three Gay Bi Free Sites others them for a 5-in-a-bed. To tell the truth, I would've been shattered by this time in the morning normally I certainly Gay Bi Free Sites wasn't a student anymore! It was past 2am and the five of us; the lovely Yannah, big boy Chrysler, chick with an attitude Fin, bloke in a dress 'Anne' and myself were sitting in an all night pizza joint somewhere near the Southampton seafront having bid the club farewell half an hour earlier. I was still on a high from all the sex I'd had with strangers in the club that night (not a usual occurrence for me at all!) and the fact that the fairest of them all, my gorgeous smooth skinned hourglass shaped Indian Yannah (who's delightfully dainty hand was currently residing in Gay Bi Free Sites my crotch under the table while we shared a menu) had stayed with me and was planning on coming back for even more. I occasionally stole a Gay Bi Free Sites look Gay Bi Free Sites at the menu when I wasn't drowning in the eternity of her deep, dark eyes. Chrysler had a menu all to himself while from the look on 'her' face Fin had found and was obviously having fun with the tool I'd met earlier in 'Anne's' nylon panties. The perplexed look on her face Gay Bi Free Sites was hilarious. I wondered how 'Anne' was Gay Bi Free Sites enjoying the needle sharp nails that Chrysler had told me Fin knew how to use Gay Bi Free Sites on a Gay Bi Free Sites man's instrumentation. Eventually Gay Bi Free Sites we got around to ordering a mountain of Gay Bi Free Sites garlic bread, cheese, spaghetti sauce and Gay Bi Free Sites a pizza that Gay Bi Free Sites would probably be big enough to Gay Bi Free Sites feed the Sudan. There were 3 Gay Bi Free Sites other couples and a rowdy bunch of pissed-up lads in the place. Since we'd Gay Bi Free Sites all had some action already that night in the club, dirty talk Gay Bi Free Sites came naturally in hushed whispers Gay Bi Free Sites and guyish giggles. It got around, of course, to the most inappropriate place you'd had or administered a blow job. We laughed, gasped, and on occasion said "bullshit" to the increasingly taller tales. "Anybody ever done it under the table of a pizza parlour while they cook your food?" asked 'Anne' the gothic transvestite who was still a bit upset no-one had believed 'her' story about swallowing a 16-year-old virgin's messy cum from his first ever blow job; 10 minutes before unloading in his scared and surprised mouth (despite Gay Bi Free Sites the fact he was Gay Bi Free Sites 'straight, but I'll try it just this once') in a church store-room right after Gay Bi Free Sites Sunday School. "You wouldn't!" challenged Chrysler. "The Gay Bi Free Sites shit'll be here Gay Bi Free Sites in like 10 minutes!" 'Anne' didn't answer, 'she' just smiled broadly and evilly with her Gay Bi Free Sites jet black lips and in the Gay Bi Free Sites blink of an eye slinked under the table to whoops and claps from all of us, Gay Bi Free Sites except Chrysler who stared Gay Bi Free Sites dumbfoundly ahead a moment before gritting his teeth and letting out a big "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH... " as his flies were undone for him and 'Anne' started to do what 'she' did so damn well. Gay Bi Free Sites Gay Bi Free Sites I more than the 2 girls (well obviously) knew just what his blacksnake was about Gay Bi Free Sites to go through. Not only did the TV give a top rate no-holds-barred-head-job, but the tongue stud 'she' Gay Bi Free Sites wore made an awful lot of difference. Chysler slapped his hand Gay Bi Free Sites hard Gay Bi Free Sites down on the Gay Bi Free Sites table and failed not to let out a few more Gay Bi Free Sites "ARGH'S" as 'Anne' Gay Bi Free Sites went at him. Gay Bi Free Sites I smiled secretly to myself while I held Yannah's hand in mine on my knee knowing that I had already had both sides of the show under my belt : I knew exactly what 'Anne' was Gay Bi Free Sites enjoying by having Chrysler's lovely Gay Bi Free Sites black 8 " monster was Gay Bi Free Sites in Gay Bi Free Sites 'her' mouth, I also knew exactly what fantastic sensations Chrysler's orgasm was being brought on by with 'Anne's' mouth at work on his cock. I'd Gay Bi Free Sites also fed Chrysler my cock and had the transvestite taste of 'Anne' in my mouth too. Chrysler gritted his teeth as beads of sweat burst through his shiny forehead and took Gay Bi Free Sites a fistful of tablecloth as the tortuous pain and unrivalled pleasure of the pierced Gay Bi Free Sites tongue Gay Bi Free Sites worked hard Gay Bi Free Sites on his most erogenous zone; trying to act as cool as he could as the Puerto Rican waiter with 5 days stubble brought Gay Bi Free Sites out the garlic bread, spag' sauce and cheese. "Your friend?" he asked Gay Bi Free Sites in accented English, pointing to the empty space 'Anne' was sitting Gay Bi Free Sites at before 'she' shattered all of our doubts about 'her' exhibitionism. "Oh, no problem mate. She's... errr... gone to the khazi. " I explained. "Too much beer!" I added with a stupid grin and drinking motion. "Your friend?" Gay Bi Free Sites he pointed at Chysler, who was continuing to shudder, squeal and fidget uncomfortably but doubtless in ecstasy. "OK?" "Oh yea! He's cool. He just needs to go to bed" I offered lamely, trying not to giggle Gay Bi Free Sites even as Yannah and Fin tittered girlishly. "OK. " He said with don't-give-a-damn look. "Enjoy, my friends. " equally half-
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