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get a good ramming, Free MMF Gay Thumbpost and I loved seeing Free MMF Gay Thumbpost them love it too. I was very glad for the lube that had been spread liberally where it counted so that this was more slippery and enjoyable than unpleasant. It hurt, yes, but that big cock in my ass didn't feel at all unnatural, and it was giving me funky feelings indeed deep down somewhere special. I was spanking my shaft hard and fast and I knew I was on my way to Free MMF Gay Thumbpost a good climax with "Anne" pushing "her" Free MMF Gay Thumbpost cock into me. "Fuck him... fuck that Free MMF Gay Thumbpost bitch... tell her you love it... tell me you love it in the ass! " "Sounds to me like you need a good hard fucking like a bitch yourself, girl. I Free MMF Gay Thumbpost brought you home and I never even got your ass last night! " I saw her face screw up in pain then open up in delight as Chrysler grabbed Fin's buttocks and penetrated her from behind. None of us had even Free MMF Gay Thumbpost noticed he'd woken up, and I knew it wouldn't have taken long to spring up hard! His big cock in her tight pussy must be quite a challenge... and I knew he must've loved getting to score her at Free MMF Gay Thumbpost last. With Fin suddenly otherwise engaged, Yannah let go of my other leg and knelt down, nearer my face. She pushed my hands away and started to jerk my length gently but firmly for Free MMF Gay Thumbpost me, playing with my nuts with her other hand, and smiling at me. "Anne" now held my Free MMF Gay Thumbpost legs in a position more favorable to "her" and Free MMF Gay Thumbpost leant slightly forward, and I grunted as "she" started Free MMF Gay Thumbpost to screw me harder. It was a strange Free MMF Gay Thumbpost position to be taken in, on my back like a girl, Free MMF Gay Thumbpost and it didn't feel as easy as getting done from behind. It was great having that lovely face smile at me, fondling me as she did Free MMF Gay Thumbpost while I was assfucked. Fin was grunting hard Free MMF Gay Thumbpost herself as Free MMF Gay Thumbpost Chrysler Free MMF Gay Thumbpost pushed hard into her, one hand on the back of here Free MMF Gay Thumbpost neck, the other holding Free MMF Gay Thumbpost her one Free MMF Gay Thumbpost hip. She was squealing little "Ah's" and "Yes's" and her eyes were closed. I myself shook and knew I was Free MMF Gay Thumbpost starting to approach orgasm at a much greater Free MMF Gay Thumbpost pace as Yannah took my cock into her mouth again... fuck... getting sucked off by a pro while getting fucked in the ass... it was incredible... I'd never have imagined this kind of thing could Free MMF Gay Thumbpost ever happen to Free MMF Gay Thumbpost me. Free MMF Gay Thumbpost It was excruciating Free MMF Gay Thumbpost and degrading and exciting and enjoyable and orgasmic... no one word or even 10 could describe the overwhelming Free MMF Gay Thumbpost physical assault my Free MMF Gay Thumbpost body was experiencing. I'm not sure who came first or next or last or hardest or longest or anything. I was aware that Chrysler was pumping Free MMF Gay Thumbpost harder and murmering to himself and sweating and hurting Fin Free MMF Gay Thumbpost slightly with his big black chopper inside Free MMF Gay Thumbpost her tight hole, orgasm brewing, and I knew that Fin must've been close to streaming like a waterfall. "Anne" was starting to fuck me a bit harder than I was comfortable Free MMF Gay Thumbpost with and Free MMF Gay Thumbpost starting to quicken into a rhythm, hard, deep, pushing further than felt normal into me, and my cock Free MMF Gay Thumbpost was on a Free MMF Gay Thumbpost fire that Free MMF Gay Thumbpost could only be put out my one thing, the obvious conclusion to such machinations as were being performed on it. I yelled in pain and pleasure as my ass puckered hard around "Anne's" shaft and my cock exploded in awesome relief into the back of Free MMF Gay Thumbpost Yannah's throat, and the wonderful girl clamped her lips Free MMF Gay Thumbpost hard onto my head and played my most sensitive skin with her thick tongue as I fed her, not a drop seeing Free MMF Gay Thumbpost the light of day. She let the spunk blast right into her mouth, Free MMF Gay Thumbpost and she beat my length and massaged my nuts, trying for more, more, more, and I wished that I could stream for her forever and ever and never stop. My entire world shivered Free MMF Gay Thumbpost and shuddered and the only thing I knew was orgasmic wonder, and she didn't let a single drop out into the world. Sometime Free MMF Gay Thumbpost during the debacle Chrysler burst deep inside Fin who had been dying Free MMF Gay Thumbpost for it, and his entire 8 " length was inside her hard hole as he spewed several times into her from his palpitations, and I'm sure she matched his orgasm with tiny little shudders emanating from her clitoris and throughout Free MMF Gay Thumbpost her, and a hot wet beauty I'd felt earlier that morning took over his cock and I knew he wanted that to last and last longer than it Free MMF Gay Thumbpost ever could. Just as I was starting to return to normal and at last Yannah released my length from her wonderful mouth "Anne" lost it... I felt "her" Free MMF Gay Thumbpost cock pushed in as Free MMF Gay Thumbpost far as it Free MMF Gay Thumbpost could Free MMF Gay Thumbpost go, "she" was right inside me and it actually jerked, I could feel the head pulsate ever so softly and then "her" face contorted in sensation and I felt a gorgeous, warm, wet wave fill me. Oh, God, he Free MMF Gay Thumbpost came inside me... I felt Free MMF Gay Thumbpost "her" jet of spunk inside my rectum and its heat filled me with Free MMF Gay Thumbpost apprehension and excitement. Wow... just... wow. Yannah came up to my face and opened her mouth, and I could see my spunk thick on her tongue. She closed her mouth, smiled a Free MMF Gay Thumbpost big smile and gulped. She opened her mouth again and stuck her Free MMF Gay Thumbpost tongue out at Free MMF Gay Thumbpost me and it was its natural dark pink colour. She swallowed the lot! YES! "All gone" she whispered in my Free MMF Gay Thumbpost ear and giggled. Free MMF Gay Thumbpost Everyone collapsed onto the bed. Free MMF Gay Thumbpost Nothing quite Free MMF Gay Thumbpost like good, hard sex in the morning. "Couldn't any of you fuckers wait unti
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