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ever felt. Thanks to good advanced planning, Ryan and Mitch had plenty of things on hand to help us clean up after our Free Bisex Porn Sites love session. With only minutes until the store was to open, my two newest lovers scurried Free Bisex Porn Sites around the store and put together three other ensembles for me. I kept the hot shirt and double- zippered leather pants on for our next stop. They helped me to accessorize Free Bisex Porn Sites the outfit with a Free Bisex Porn Sites studded leather choker and matching leather Free Bisex Porn Sites bracelets. They also set me up with the proper shoes and socks. No underwear, though. "Underwear is not allowed in this store," Ryan informed. As the other items were wrapped and the bill paid, Ryan and Mitch stepped forward. They Free Bisex Porn Sites each held Free Bisex Porn Sites a gift-wrapped box. "Happy birthday, Brian. Here's a little something from me. Now don't be a stranger." He handed me the box and gave me a sexy, tonsil tickling kiss. Mitch Free Bisex Porn Sites stepped forward. "This is the pants to match what Ryan gave you. Happy birthday, Brian." Followed by another incredible kiss. As we prepared to step out of the back door of the store, everyone exchanged Free Bisex Porn Sites hand-shakes, hugs and some kisses. As I Free Bisex Porn Sites turned to Free Bisex Porn Sites leave, Mitch stepped forth and said, "That's SIX." Ryan leaned forward and whispered to me, "That's SEVEN." "Let's do it again soon." 10 o'clock am and he's already sexed out! OH MY GOD!! 10 o'clock in the morning and I've had more sex than any one man Free Bisex Porn Sites could possibly handle. How wrong that thought turned out to be. We weren't even one-third of the way toward our goal. What a mixed bag of emotions. I was physically spent and energized at the same time. Spent Free Bisex Porn Sites from the incredible session I'd just had, yet energized with the fantasy typed thoughts of what was ahead for the rest of the day. Back into the van, we pulled out of the shopping center Free Bisex Porn Sites and headed north on 159. I assumed we would get back onto the interstate and head toward the Free Bisex Porn Sites city. However, we stayed on 159 and headed north toward Collinsville. It had been a few years since I had been on this old highway, so Free Bisex Porn Sites the sights weren't familiar to me. We had gone perhaps 6 or 7 miles when we turned off into a small strip center. The van Free Bisex Porn Sites stopped in front of an exotic piercing studio. "Time for your next gift. This is from all of us, " announced Nate. The five of us Free Bisex Porn Sites filed into the small and surprisingly clean establishment. We were greeted by a beautiful, but some what hard-edged woman who Free Bisex Porn Sites appeared to Free Bisex Porn Sites be in her late 30's or early 40's. "Hello, boys. I've been expecting you. Is Free Bisex Porn Sites this the birthday boy?" she asked pointing to me. "Yes, ma'am," Free Bisex Porn Sites Damon answered. "We're here for what we discussed." "Then follow me." She led us into a room just behind the tastefully decorated waiting area. I had always enjoyed piercings on Free Bisex Porn Sites male lovers. I had even talked about getting some Free Bisex Porn Sites body parts of my own pierced, but always chickened out. This Free Bisex Porn Sites was exciting and scary at the same time. "So, we do the nipples, right?" she Free Bisex Porn Sites asked. The reply was unanimously affirmative from my friends. I was asked to Free Bisex Porn Sites remove my shirt and to set back in the chair over against the wall. As Free Bisex Porn Sites preparations were made, releases signed, and the process was Free Bisex Porn Sites made ready, I began to grow nervous. Free Bisex Porn Sites "Don't be nervous," said the lovely proprietor. "I've got ways to help you relax." With that, she unbuttoned her Free Bisex Porn Sites shirt to reveal a pair of incredible braless tits. "These clothes are unsanitary," she announced. "And we must have sanitary conditions!" She removed her short skirt. She had her Free Bisex Porn Sites back to me Free Bisex Porn Sites as she removed Free Bisex Porn Sites her thong panties. She turned to face me and revealed a fully erect 6 inch dick. "A tranny!" I cried out. "Oh my god!" She, or he, stepped forward and offered her, I mean, his cock to me. This was the Free Bisex Porn Sites most Free Bisex Porn Sites incredible fantasy I had ever had. I had always wanted to make it with a transsexual. Again, I opened my mouth Free Bisex Porn Sites and took her, I Free Bisex Porn Sites mean his, dick into my throat. Free Bisex Porn Sites Though this cock was totally masculine, this creature Free Bisex Porn Sites was feminine in every other way. Soft skin, perfumed and powdered. She was ravishing. Yet, Free Bisex Porn Sites she was still part man as she thrusted her cock in and out. The scene was so hot for both of us that her orgasm was Free Bisex Porn Sites quick in coming. Imagine Free Bisex Porn Sites taking a scorching load of jism from such a beautiful woman. My ultimate fantasy. After quickly cleaning up, and feeling much more relaxed, I hardly felt the intense, but brief, pain from the piercing tool. Both nipples were pierced and fitted with small Free Bisex Porn Sites bars. "After you Free Bisex Porn Sites wear these for a few weeks, you can move into larger appliances. I'll be Free Bisex Porn Sites happy to keep you fitted with whatever you need. And one more thing. Free Bisex Porn Sites Free Bisex Porn Sites That's EIGHT," the beautiful dicked chick announced as we prepared to leave. This was a most bizarre and sexually charged half hour that any man could ever experience. The guys paid for Free Bisex Porn Sites the piercing services. We piled back into the van and headed south, back down 159. We came to the interstate and turned westward, heading toward St. Louis. "Lunchtime!" announced Damon as we motored across the Poplar Street Bridge and caught Westbound Interstate 70. Free Bisex Porn Sites Twenty m Free Bisex Porn Sites
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