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mon's van. "Let the festivities begin!" proclaimed Damon as he pointed the large conversion van toward the interstate. In a matter of minutes, Free Bisex Pictures Xxx we had come to Interstate 64 Free Bisex Pictures Xxx and started motoring east towards Mt. Vernon. A few miles past the Scott AFB exit, we pulled off at the Mid-America Airport exit, turned left, and then turned left again and got back on the interstate heading back towards St. Louis. Moments later, we Free Bisex Pictures Xxx pulled off at a rest stop. We pulled to a stop and Nate jumped out. "I gotta go to the bathroom. Anyone else need to go?" "Hell, no, Nate!" I replied. "We just left the apartment 10 minutes ago!" Damon's conversion van was a full sized model with two captain's chairs behind the driver and passenger and a bench seat across the back. It was Free Bisex Pictures Xxx plush, comfortable Free Bisex Pictures Xxx and extremely roomy. One could easily sleep in the van if forced Free Bisex Pictures Xxx to on a long trip. Three or four minutes passed before the side door came Free Bisex Pictures Xxx open and Nate stood at the opening. "Look what I found for you, Free Bisex Pictures Xxx birthday boy!" Nate stated proudly. Standing beside him was a handsome fellow in his mid-twenties. Free Bisex Pictures Xxx Sandy blond hair, medium build, wire-rimmed glasses, white t-shirt and lightweight khaki shorts set off this 5'9" young gent. He was well tanned and had a blue bandana tied around his neck. "This is Jordan, Brian," announced Nate. "He has something for you." At this, fair-haired Jordan climbed into the Free Bisex Pictures Xxx van and joined me on the back bench. Sitting down next to me, he immediately leaned forward and kissed me firmly on the lips while taking his Free Bisex Pictures Xxx right hand and reaching for my crotch. With his Free Bisex Pictures Xxx left hand, he Free Bisex Pictures Xxx expertly unzipped his pants and a seven inch uncut cock sprung forth. I love foreskins, and this one was extra special, for on the underside of his cock, just below Free Bisex Pictures Xxx the head, his foreskin was pierced and held a inch gold hoop. What a sexy site it was. We broke the kiss and I reached toward this Free Bisex Pictures Xxx beautiful piece of manhood while Jordan continued to fish Free Bisex Pictures Xxx for my Free Bisex Pictures Xxx own penis, which was growing hard for the fourth time in this Free Bisex Pictures Xxx young day. "Maybe they'll let me cum Free Bisex Pictures Xxx this Free Bisex Pictures Xxx time," I thought to myself. Jordan stood up in the van as best he could. Still in much of a crouch, he took his bulging and pulsing cock into his hands and held it before me. I inhaled to experience the musky aroma. Free Bisex Pictures Xxx My mouth watered with anticipation as I looked at the beautiful dick before Free Bisex Pictures Xxx me, bouncing with every beat of Jordan's pulse. Throwing all caution to the wind, I threw myself forward and took his entire cock, hoop ring and all, into my mouth and Free Bisex Pictures Xxx down Free Bisex Pictures Xxx my throat. I was Free Bisex Pictures Xxx completely overcome Free Bisex Pictures Xxx with lust Free Bisex Pictures Xxx as my appetite for cock became uncontrollable. I suddenly found myself a cock crazed animal. All I could think about was having cock, cock and more cock. I had to have Jordan and I had to taste his spooge oozing down Free Bisex Pictures Xxx my throat. Nothing else mattered. I gave the blowjob Free Bisex Pictures Xxx of my life as I teased him, licking Free Bisex Pictures Xxx his shaft, taking his balls into my mouth, and licking the sensitive underside of his manhood. Soon a drop of pre-cum appeared on the Free Bisex Pictures Xxx tip of Jordan's dick. My pointed tongue immediately targeted the slit and I orally milked every molecule of pre-cum from his dick that I possibly could. It was sweet, and oh so delicious. Free Bisex Pictures Xxx I had to have more. At this particular moment, my own sexual gratification and pending orgasm was put on Free Bisex Pictures Xxx hold. My sole purpose for my next breath was to entice a hot load of spunk out of this hot little man's Free Bisex Pictures Xxx throbbing boner. After a few moments passed, my efforts were rewarded as Jordan offered up his Free Bisex Pictures Xxx protein-laced gift. My lips formed a seal around his meat so that not a single drop would be lost. The taste of his cum was unlike the Free Bisex Pictures Xxx sweet Free Bisex Pictures Xxx pre-cum. It was saltier, and a bit on the tart side, but all in all, still a meal fit Free Bisex Pictures Xxx for a Free Bisex Pictures Xxx king. I held Jordan in my mouth Free Bisex Pictures Xxx until his cock started to Free Bisex Pictures Xxx shrivel. After replacing his dick in his shorts, this young stud leaned forward and gave me a long, and very enjoyable kiss. "Happy birthday, lover boy. That's FOUR!" Free Bisex Pictures Xxx And just like that, he was gone. "What is Free Bisex Pictures Xxx this, some kind of countdown?" I asked. "As a matter of fact, it is" replied my Free Bisex Pictures Xxx straight buddy Damon. "We're giving you a '21 Gun Salute' to Free Bisex Pictures Xxx celebrate your 21st birthday. The fourth gun Free Bisex Pictures Xxx just fired!" The van full of four other men, all friends and loved ones, erupted in laughter. "Oh, my, what a gift!" was all I could say. "Twenty-one cocks? All in one day?" "Yes, sir!" answered Damon. Though he was straight as an arrow, I loved this man because he was so open minded with my gay lifestyle. How supportive could a friend possibly be? The van continued Free Bisex Pictures Xxx to be filled with laughter, which was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the sliding door. We had been so busy conversing and enjoying one another's company that we did not see the guy walk up. He was a young, tall, African-American fellow. Somewhere between 18 and 22 Free Bisex Pictures Xxx years old, I would've guessed. Dressed in a baggy white FUBU undershirt, a single gold chain around his Free Bisex Pictures Xxx neck, Free Bisex Pictures Xxx a clean, white sweatband around Free Bisex Pictures Xxx his head and s
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