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nothing more than to brand him with my sperm. “Oh my Brian.” panted Gregory. “Your cock is where it belongs.” I cried out, causing me to strenghen Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries my thrusts. “You’ve waited for this all your life, haven’t you?” he asked as my groin slapped Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries against his ass. I grunted yes the best I could as I rose again, this time taking my Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries command of him. I found my confidence Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries as the gurgling sounds of my fucking him was heard. I gazed down to see the broad shoulders, tapering down to his thin waist… two men fucking like undomesticated animals bent on joining together at whatever the cost. I felt the first signs of orgasm, and slowed my pace Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries to shake off the tickle. Gregory looked behind at me, dizzy with sheer lust. I hurled my entire weight into him, sending ripples of manly fucking across his tan ass. I took my right hand, and scooped up a handful of water as Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries I splashed it over Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries his ass and back. God, he Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries was so fucking sexy. A pure, muscle bound man. The valley in Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries his spine, decorated with immeasurable muscles. And here I was fucking him… pounding him… making him mine. “Think about my ass, Brian…” He groaned. “Your cock tucked inside…” I replied with Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries another gasp of amazement. “And you’re gonna cumm inside me, aren’t you? Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries Aren’t you, Brian?” He demanded. “Fuck yea I am…” I yelled as I watched my rigid cock vanish inside his picturesque ass. “You better cumm inside me you gorgeous fucking stud… you better.” he grunted as he now heaved his backside against my trembling body. The waters beside our bodies sloshed about as the strength of our fucking grew out of control. Each lunge I made was met with a powerful smack of our bodies. My hands clutched at his hips, almost lifting his ass from the water… My loud grunts Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries bellowed out as I violently Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries pounded my gay lover. “Your sperm smearing my bowels… claiming me as your man.” He cried Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries out. I vehemently shuddered, imagining the tip of my cock blasting my hot broth inside him. Swarming all the way through his most Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries private, and secret parts of his body. My seed would forever be with him… Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries carrying me with him Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries each and every day. That mere thought caused my sperm to begin its exquisite passage from my testicles… I could feel the pressure of my seed start its timeless voyage, this time going inside an awe inspiring male. The sounds of the lapping waters, our panting and cries, along with the boiling Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries warmth of Gregory’s delicious asshole was all too much. Every thought, muscle, act, and word became focused on one thing… cumming inside Gregory. Shooting my sperm as deep Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries as humanly possible. “Oh Gregory, its happening! You’re Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries making Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries me… me… cumm.” I shouted, biting my teeth in powerful need. “Deeper, Brian… make it Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries happen. Hold me…” chanted Gregory as I almost blacked out from the pleasure. The splendor of my throbbing cock now set in. I just Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries knew I would saturate him with at least a Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries gallon of pent up seed. Rearing back, I looked down once more to see his ass. That ripened, full ass… Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries Those two rounded, Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries bronzed cheeks that called to me. That thought made it happen. His ass… I screamed as I felt the pulse of sperm shoot… My flesh locked up, bringing his body to mine as I continued to wail in unbelievable bliss. “I feel the cumm! Oooohh, Brian… you’re Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries doing it!” Gregory Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries screamed. “Cumming… Greg--” I replied, still thrusting and volleying scorching seed into his ass. I took one last powerful lunge inside, making sure that not Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries one drop would escape him. Convulsions robbed me of my composure as I thought about his ass… and the truth that I had finally become the man I knew I was meant to be. Afterwards, Gregory and I lied together on the steps of the pool, Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries sharing several kisses and basking in the afterglow of sex. Nestled in the comfort of his arms, Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries my head rest upon his brawny chest. Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries Long, meaningful Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries kisses Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries that lasted what seemed like an eternity. I didn’t want this to ever end. I sighed, lifting my head to express my true feelings. “I’m in love with you, Gregory.” Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries A long pause followed as Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries all he could do was stare Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries in my eyes. He brought both hands to my face and drew me close. “I’m in love with you too. I want you to be my man… Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries forever.” He replied, blessing me with Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries a kiss of all kisses. Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries The end…or two men’s beginning. A Bi Married Man's True Story He gives in to his desire Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries for sex with another man. I had been surfing the gay chat rooms all morning. Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries I watched the chat rooms and checked all of the profiles until I found what I was Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries looking for, a hot, hung guy that lived close by. I clicked on the instant message button and said "Hi, I'm Chris. How are Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries you this morning?" The reply was, Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries "Hi, I'm Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries Steve and I'm horny, that's how I am this morning!" I replied that I was so horny that I though my hard cock would explode if I didn't satisfy my desire to suck a hot, hard dick. Steve invited me Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries over. It Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries turned out that he lived only a few blocks from me. (Hard to believe in a city of 1.4 million people.) When I arived, Steve met me at the door Free Bisexual Mpeg Galleries wearing only a pair of
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