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cum on my duvet. My dick was staring up at me so I simply jerked at it for thirty seconds to alleviate it. Hands Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post soaked with cum, Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post I washed them in the basin and went back to sleep. Another rewarding day was my final thought. Wednesday was the hottest day yet –in more ways than one. On my daily daybreak trip to the bakery, when I was in the queue to pay I noticed a damn good-looking early twenty-something guy staring at me from the next till’s queue; his eyes were literally scanning my body. I looked at Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post him in the eye. He smiled artlessly Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post with his tongue between his lips. I smiled back and raised my eyebrows. When he’d paid for his goods he waited for me at the window. When I reached him I uttered a flamboyant ‘hello’. ‘Hello!’ he replied in a magnetic Greek-English accent. ‘Fancy a coffee?’ he asked quite unexpectedly. ‘Yes, why not?’ I said. This brazen young hunk clasped my right hand and let me to a chic café. He Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post ordered something in Greek –I presumed it was two coffees –it was. ‘So, what brings you and those boys to Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post Corinth?’ the hunk asked. ‘A school trip, and how did you…’ ‘I saw you yesterday… looking very beautiful… you and the boy.’ The hunk said again. I Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post was puzzled. Why did he say ‘you and the boy’? ‘My name is Theocrites –Theo will do… I saw you and the boy… yesterday on the hill.’ He said. ‘W-w-w-w-what?’ Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post I said coyly. ‘Don’t be worried, your secret’s safe with me. Providing you let me in on the action next time. I assume there will be a next Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post time? A next time?’ ‘Yes, OK… OK… I’ll have to ask Blain though… shit!’ I whinged. ‘What’s your name by the way?’ asked Theo. ‘Ben.’ I informed him. ‘Ben… Ben… I like Ben.’ He said while looking deep into my anxious eyes. I nodded somewhat bemusedly. ‘I have to go soon. How do I contact you?’ I asked reluctantly. ‘On this number.’ Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post He passed me a piece of paper. ‘Don’t forget now will you. I wouldn’t Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post enjoy causing a ruckus by telling your opposite number of your untoward relationship with…’ OK, OK, I get the picture’ I barked. ‘Good bye’. Back at the hotel, the guys were thankful for the real food I brought Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post back with me; the continental breakfast didn’t look all that edible. After breakfast most of us headed for the sea and Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post sand. While in the sun-heated water I had a chance to tell Blain about Theo. I described how he’d seen us together doing God knows Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post what and I told him of his threats –something that could potentially seriously impair both our lives. It took Blain a while to respond. ‘Well it looks like we’ve no choice but to submit to his request.’ He finally said. ‘It’s your call. Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post We could just not contact him and see if he’s the bottle to tell Scott –Mr Jameson –about us?’ I Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post said. ‘Too chancy’ Blain said, clearly worried. ‘OK. Don’t be worrying about it. It’ll be all right… I’ll go and call him; Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post we can visit him later when you’ve Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post got your Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post free time.’ I Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post said. I had a short swim and treaded out of the sea. I asked Scott if he’d like a drink form the Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post shop. He was staring at some girls over the other side of the Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post beach. ‘Err, yea… cheers… aren’t they Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post beautiful, Ben.’ ‘Yea, beautiful’ I pretended. On my way to the shop I stopped at the phone booth. I unfolded the piece of paper Theo had given me. I placed my phone card in the slot and dialled the numbers. He said something in Greek –hello no doubt. Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post ‘Hi, Theo, it’s Ben’ I said ‘Ah, Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post Ben; so you’ve sorted it with… Blain?’ He replied. ‘Yea… we can Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post come to yours between seven and eight.’ I said. ‘Seven is perfect. My address is…’ He continued. ‘OK; see you later.’ I ended with. ‘Bye.’ Said Theo. At six thirty the boys were ready for going into town. They split into three groups again and went off. Scott was off somewhere –I don’t know where. We weren’t too concerned for Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post the boys’ safety as the townspeople were so hospitable; and the boys are all level-headed at heart; plus Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post the legal age for drinking laws Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post here are enforced –unlike in Britain. I waited for Blain as we’d agreed at the end of a quiet dirt path. It was five to seven –fortunately Theo’s pad wasn’t far –next to Ordo’s in fact –you know that restaurant we went to the other night. I knocked on the door, Blain standing behind me. It opened to a very well designed interior and the stunning frame of Theo –dressed solely in boxer shorts. ‘Welcome… fuck! I can see why you fell for him, Ben’ Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post Theo said talking about Blain. Blain Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post looked Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post down to the floor. We walked into the open-plan apartment and closed the door behind us. ‘I think it’s best that Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post we just get straight on with it. We haven’t much time’ I said somewhat fearfully. ‘That’s all right with me, guys, I just want a fuck and that’s it. Sorry I had to do it this way. I don’t meet a lot of guys in “normal” circumstances. I’m very busy Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post you see… drinks?’ Theo Free Bisexual Boy Mpegs Post asked. ‘Thank you; I’ll have anything.’ I answered. ‘Me too.’ Blain added. Theo went to the kitchen and returned rather quickly with two glasses of what I assumed to be cola. Blain and I sat and drank while we watched
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