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es. I could have said no." His footed drifted Free Bi Pictures toward mine. When it made contact, I didn't move. Free Bi Pictures Our barefeet were lightly touching. "You know that it doesn't make you gay, right?" "Yes." Free Bi Pictures He smiled at me. Slowly he started flexing his toe, lightly stroking the Free Bi Pictures top of my foot. "But you know Free Bi Pictures what?" Free Bi Pictures He started, smiling broader, "You were really something. I can't remember the last Free Bi Pictures time I was able to repeat so many times in a night." Our feet were stroking Free Bi Pictures a little more. "I Free Bi Pictures thought you were enjoying it," I said, smiling. He laughed a little. "Can I give you a hug?" He asked. "Sure." I said. He scooted over to me and we hugged awkwardly while lying on the bed. "Thanks," he said softly in my ear. Free Bi Pictures "You're great." He held his face alongside Free Bi Pictures mine for Free Bi Pictures a few seconds. Then Free Bi Pictures pulled back. He looked me in the eyes. "I have to tell you," he said, "If I was going to design a lover, he'd be a lot like you." He smiled again and ran his hand along my cheek. Then he stopped and stared into my eyes. Free Bi Pictures I Free Bi Pictures didn't do anything. After a second, he leaned in and kissed me. I let him. He pulled back and closed his eyes. "I guess I can't help myself." He said. I would have felt terrible if I let him think that. I was hard as a rock and ready to Free Bi Pictures go again. "Neither can I," I said, Free Bi Pictures and leaned Free Bi Pictures into him, kissing his lips. Our tongues worked over each other frantically. Suddenly, he pulled back again. "Should we do this again? Are you sure?" "Yes," I said, stroking his body, "I want to be your lover. That's what I Free Bi Pictures want." We kissed again, deeply. "Lover…" Kissing. "…is right," he said before we met again in a deep kiss. He pulled back, looked me in the eyes. Free Bi Pictures "I want to be your lover, too." I started to slide down toward his hard Free Bi Pictures cock, but he stopped me. "Wait," he said, "I want you to experience something…if you're interested." "What?" I asked. He stood, pulled his underwear off and gave me Free Bi Pictures a Free Bi Pictures view Free Bi Pictures of his gorgeous, hard cock. I could make out the thick head, the veins, his giant balls. He began stroking them seductively, smiling at me. "I know you like this piece of meat," Free Bi Pictures he started, rubbing his own balls as Free Bi Pictures he stroked his thick shaft, "but how do you feel about this part of me?" Free Bi Pictures With that, he turned and ran a hand over his bare ass. I smiled a little and Free Bi Pictures sat up, leaning toward him. With one hand, I pulled his Free Bi Pictures ass cheek aside and buried my mouth into his crack, frenching his hole. "Whoa," he said with a little laugh, "that's not what I Free Bi Pictures meant. I meant…mmmm….god, your tongue is so fucking hot. I meant that I…mmmm" He was unable to finish and for the next couple of minutes I used my newly learned rimming skills on him. He finally pulled away and managed to produce a condom from Free Bi Pictures his nightstand. "I meant this," he said, "Would you like Free Bi Pictures to fuck me?" "I'd love it," I said. I couldn't believe what I was about to do, but there wasn't anything in the world that was going to stop me at this point. As Mike knelt Free Bi Pictures before me and slid my boxers off, I thought how strange it was that I never would have considered something like this only a few days Free Bi Pictures earlier. Or maybe I would have. I was very confused at this point, but also very horny. Mike stroked my rock hard dick a little and Free Bi Pictures began to unwrap the condom. As he got it out of its package, he licked the head of my cock, sucked it into his mouth softly. As he bobbed up and down on it a few times, I remembered the hot fun of the previous night. He sucked my balls a little, now holding Free Bi Pictures the condom in one hand. Finally, smiled up at Free Bi Pictures me and began to roll it on my cock. Once it covered me, he returned to his nightstand and produced some KY jelly. He climbed past me onto the bed and lubed up two of his fingers. Free Bi Pictures Then, as he rubbed them on his hole, he looked up at me. "This isn't normally my thing," he said, "but I'd like you to experience this." Then he slid a finger into his anus and moaned a little. I Free Bi Pictures watched, entranced, as he loosened his hole with one and then two fingers. After a couple of minutes, he motioned for me to Free Bi Pictures get into position. I climbed onto my knees in front of him and expected him to get on all fours. I simply assumed that doggie style was Free Bi Pictures the preferred method. He set me straight. "It's best with me on Free Bi Pictures my back, my legs up over your shoulders. Trust me." Feeling a little awkward, I positioned myself between Mike's legs Free Bi Pictures and looked down at my condom covered hard on. He slid Free Bi Pictures down slightly and helped me to angle my hard cock at his hole. With his legs up over my shoulders, it was a little difficult to balance the whole thing at first, but I felt the tip of my cock wrapped in rubber slide between his ass cheeks…a Free Bi Pictures warm feeling. "Mmmm…" came the sound from Mike as Free Bi Pictures my cock head Free Bi Pictures ran into a Free Bi Pictures little recess that had to be his hole. With a little urging, I pushed forward. My cock bent slightly at the resistance. "Push harder," he moaned. So I did. It Free Bi Pictures didn't take much. In no time the first inch Free Bi Pictures or two of my cock had slid inside his hole. It was warm and tight. Tighter than a pussy. I s
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