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e into the girl's cunt. We fucked and sucked and fucked Cum Licking Bisex Men all Cum Licking Bisex Men afternoon and all evening until literally I could play no more. I've never been so sweetly exhausted in my life. My scrotum literally Cum Licking Bisex Men ached and my poor cock was so sore, I couldn't bear the softest of lips or the most tender of kisses. I don't know how many times I came that afternoon, but Cum Licking Bisex Men I'm sure it must have Cum Licking Bisex Men been a high Cum Licking Bisex Men water Cum Licking Bisex Men mark that Cum Licking Bisex Men I have never Cum Licking Bisex Men since equalled. It was getting dark Cum Licking Bisex Men when Anisha kissed us both a last time Cum Licking Bisex Men and Cum Licking Bisex Men limped out the door, leaving us to recover. A Bi Beginning She joins online lover at Cum Licking Bisex Men his swinging club. This continues from "Anal at Last". The week after we first met and had sex Chrysler (my online lover, now real) took me to one of his favourite clubs... a place that has a bi' night... girls Cum Licking Bisex Men looking for girls, guys for guys, couples for thirds, Cum Licking Bisex Men and crossdressers and beyond invited. We planned to find a girl to put on a show for, and Cum Licking Bisex Men screw like she'd never Cum Licking Bisex Men been Cum Licking Bisex Men screwed before. The Cum Licking Bisex Men guy/guy/girl threesome where everything goes was one of my biggest and most important fantasies, and Cum Licking Bisex Men as neither his Cum Licking Bisex Men girl or mine would go for that, or even understand our different Cum Licking Bisex Men bisexualities, that meant going on a slut-hunt! There was also the possibility of Cum Licking Bisex Men being introduced into his 'circle' Cum Licking Bisex Men this weekend... his swingers' club, something which was potentially Cum Licking Bisex Men exciting in the group sex possibilities it would offer with broad minded, loose moralled and sexually experienced girls & guys. I met him at his flat about 6 as planned on the Saturday, he pulled me inside and kissed me deeply. Cum Licking Bisex Men I kissed him back instinctively and Cum Licking Bisex Men grabbed his crotch, but was surprised... after all... our meetings were based purely on bisexual lust, kissing a guy still seemed weird to me. I'm glad I'd met him, because if I hadn't I'd still be wondering what it would be like to get fucked in the ass, rather than knowing it was something I liked and could base further escapades on. Cum Licking Bisex Men What the hell, the relationship I had with my girl was on the rocks anyway, and through him I might meet someone adventurous at his swingers' club. It was at this nightclub we were going to that he found his way into the Cum Licking Bisex Men swingers scene in Southampton Cum Licking Bisex Men that I wanted to get into. But we weren't going clubbing yet... He plainly wasn't dressed up to go out, and my trousers were soon liberated Cum Licking Bisex Men from my Cum Licking Bisex Men body, I just had time to get Cum Licking Bisex Men them over a chair so they wouldn't crease. I lost my shirt as Chrysler went down on me, his black lips engulfing Cum Licking Bisex Men my quickly stiffening cock. It was great, I love off-the-cuff Cum Licking Bisex Men sex so Cum Licking Bisex Men much more than planned sex you have time to think about and decide how its going to play out... I just dropped to the sofa and let my head roll back, open mouthed and sighing. I was stiff as a board within 30 seconds and he was pulling that fantastic Cum Licking Bisex Men deep throat trick again. I was amazed, looking down and Cum Licking Bisex Men seeing his Cum Licking Bisex Men dark head right up to my pubes... and FUCK... the incredible Cum Licking Bisex Men sensation. Cum Licking Bisex Men I grit my teeth and tried not to cum... but it became a futile effort as I felt him lubing up my sphincter and moving his whole head back and forth on my prick... taking me all in and down his throat and then pulling back to nibbling on my head. Fucking hell, he was incredible. The amazing difference Cum Licking Bisex Men in pressure I felt with Cum Licking Bisex Men the Cum Licking Bisex Men end of my cock forced at an angle down his throat... almost painful, and his tongue providing a nest Cum Licking Bisex Men for the base of my Cum Licking Bisex Men shaft, my nuts hanging on his chin as he sucked Cum Licking Bisex Men wetly on me. He released my prick Cum Licking Bisex Men from his throat and began sucking on my head again Cum Licking Bisex Men and frigging Cum Licking Bisex Men my ass slowly but firmly with a straight finger. I climaxed as he was licking my hole and finger-fucking me with his well greased finger, firing off my cum Cum Licking Bisex Men into his just-open mouth, coating his big lips. He responded by opening his mouth and taking my Cum Licking Bisex Men head between his lips to Cum Licking Bisex Men catch my second, bigger blast of pleasure, and jamming a Cum Licking Bisex Men second finger into me; making me jump, squeal, and blast another string of hot white fury into his mouth. I'd lasted about 2 minutes before cumming, and started to Cum Licking Bisex Men collapse on the sofa, shaking, sweating, satisfied and ready Cum Licking Bisex Men to return the favour. I could tell by the way he roughly grabbed me that Cum Licking Bisex Men feeding me that big black cock of his wasn't Cum Licking Bisex Men what he had in mind right now. Chrysler wasted no time before losing his jogging suit and spinning me over onto my hands and knees, beating himself off as he positioned behind me, and without even a Cum Licking Bisex Men word placed his lubed cockhead in between my ass cheeks and pushed. I yelled in pain as he let himself in, and once again, as the weekend before, that big Cum Licking Bisex Men black dick penetrated my tight but willing ass. He was a lot more forceful Cum Licking Bisex Men than he was the week before, when he took me for the first time, when he pushed his 8 1/2" black meat into me and liberated Cum Licking Bisex Men my anal virginity... this time there was no slow breaking in. He pushed gently until he felt that I had adjusted to his size with a preliminary couple of thrusts, then started to really fuck me HARD; as I would
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