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this for Dan thinking it would excite him so much, but it was turning out to excite me as much if not more. I was so turned on by all of it and I wanted more. I wanted them to film my ass and pussy for days on end. I wanted them to film me getting fucked Bisexual Woman Chat in every way possible. I wanted to scream, I Bisexual Woman Chat wanted to be fucked so bad. “Film me licking Bisexual Woman Chat her ass.” Dan got behind me and rubbed his fingers Bisexual Woman Chat around my ass, poking at me, teasing me. He leaned down and ran his tongue across me. The feeling of his tongue and knowing that camera was just inches away, almost made me cum. He Bisexual Woman Chat let his tongue slip into me, poking at me, fucking me with his tongue. I leaned back against him, Bisexual Woman Chat wanting it in Bisexual Woman Chat deeper. He slid his fingers into my pussy and began to fuck me again. His tongue in my ass and his fingers in my pussy made me cum almost immediately. As soon as I recovered, I told him to straddle me and put Bisexual Woman Chat his ass in Bisexual Woman Chat my face. I looked at Kevin and told him to film me now. Without waiting I reached up spread Dan's ass open for me and stuck my tongue Bisexual Woman Chat right in. Dan moaned loudly, then bucked back against me, forcing my tongue in deeper. I wiggled my tongue inside him, sticking my tongue in and out of him, all the while the camera right there. I already knew we would be watching this many times. The best Bisexual Woman Chat fuck film ever made and it was us doing it all. I reached up and grabbed at Dan's cock. It was hard and I wanted it in my mouth. I thought to myself how much I would Bisexual Woman Chat like to be able to lick his ass and suck his cock at the same time. Bisexual Woman Chat Maybe even suck his balls too. But I only had one mouth dammit. Bisexual Woman Chat I slid my hand up and down his cock, then licked at his balls, taking them into my mouth and sucking Bisexual Woman Chat on them again. But I wanted more of his ass so I stuck my tongue right back into him again, fucking him harder and deeper. Dan was close to cumming, so I told Kevin, “Make sure you get Bisexual Woman Chat him shooting his cum all over me.” Me saying that Bisexual Woman Chat sent Dan over the edge. He began to cum, pumping cum all Bisexual Woman Chat over my Bisexual Woman Chat tits and stomach. After cumming, Dan turned around Bisexual Woman Chat and lay down next Bisexual Woman Chat to me. I was covered in Dan's cum and I Bisexual Woman Chat started to wipe some of it off Bisexual Woman Chat me, licking it from my fingers, making sure Kevin was filming it. And he was, had the camera right Bisexual Woman Chat in my face. I looked at them both knowing I wanted a lot more. Kevin's pants were bulging and I Bisexual Woman Chat knew he had one hell of a hard on and would like to fuck me himself. I told him “Put the camera on the tripod and get undressed.” Just saying that made Dan hard again, his cock rising quickly as I Bisexual Woman Chat watched. I straddled Dan and impaled myself on his cock. By this time Kevin was undressed and standing next to the bed. I looked at him and said “Fuck my Bisexual Woman Chat ass.” Kevin was on the bed and behind me in a split second. He grabbed my waist and I leaned forward Bisexual Woman Chat a bit, lifting my ass for him. Dan's cock was already inside me and I wriggled around Bisexual Woman Chat on Bisexual Woman Chat him, driving him into me. I felt Kevin's cock against Bisexual Woman Chat my ass and then he just shoved it in. I loved the way two cocks felt inside me. Stretching me, opening me, filling me up. Both Dan and Kevin had pretty big cocks and they filled me up as much as I could be. I rocked back against Bisexual Woman Chat Kevin, working his cock into my ass. Dan reached over and spread my ass wider and Kevin pushed in deeper. Bisexual Woman Chat I started to bounce up Bisexual Woman Chat and down Dan's cock, fucking him hard, then slam back against Kevin, fucking him right back. I grabbed the headboard and pushed myself down and then back, then grinding my pussy against Dan. I was close Bisexual Woman Chat and so were they. “I want my pussy and ass filled Bisexual Woman Chat with cum.” It didn't take long Bisexual Woman Chat before first Dan came and then Kevin, and finally me filling me up with Bisexual Woman Chat their cum. So much of Bisexual Woman Chat it I could not hold it all in me. Bisexual Woman Chat Kevin's cum dripped from my ass and mixed with Dan's cum in my Bisexual Woman Chat pussy. I collapsed on top of Dan and Kevin just lay on Bisexual Woman Chat top of me. I lay there, finally satisfied. After a few minutes Dan finally spoke, “Fuck I wish we had another woman here, I would love to film Bisexual Woman Chat you eating pussy.” I smiled at Dan, such a dirty Bisexual Woman Chat mind. I had not thought Bisexual Woman Chat of that, but there's always next time. Country girl comes to Atlanta. How are things in S. Bisexual Woman Chat GA and business school? Good, I hope. Or at Bisexual Woman Chat least, better than what I'm doing. I thought living in Atlanta was going to be so Bisexual Woman Chat exciting but it hasn't turned out that way. I'm stuck in this tiny apartment that's all I can afford, all Bisexual Woman Chat the women at work are married, all the men at work Bisexual Woman Chat are either married or gay, Bisexual Woman Chat I don't know anyone or Bisexual Woman Chat have any money to Bisexual Woman Chat go out to meet anyone. The clutch is about to go out on my old Toyota. Listen to me. Whine, whine, whine. Let me start over. It's not really that bad. I've only been Bisexual Woman Chat here 3 months. At Bisexual Woman Chat least I'm out of Valdosta. The place I work just promoted me out of the secretary pool. I'm now the receptionist. That means I get to dress nice and meet everyone who comes into the building. They gave me a little raise, not enough to pay for the new clothes I had to buy or the dry cleaning bill I have now, mind you,
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