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ere for a few minutes and the Bisexual Porn Sex car pulled up and they jumped inside. Lynne showed Bisexual Porn Sex the outfit she had purchased as well as the plate, the stemmed glass and the silver spoon that Jennifer had mentioned. Jennifer told them that she thought the spoon could be used to spoon the cum from Lynne's face into the plate. Lynne asked Rex how many guys were going to be at the party tonight, and he told her "About 15 or 16, the members of Bisexual Porn Sex my softball team." She thought about it and was looking forward to it, she Bisexual Porn Sex had never done this before and she liked new experiences. They stopped and had lunch Bisexual Porn Sex on Bourbon Street, and spent the next three hours looking in different shops together. Lynne and Jennifer talked a lot Bisexual Porn Sex and giggled about different things. They were becoming even closer than they had been yesterday when they first arrived. When the Bisexual Porn Sex got home it was 7 and Rex said they had rented a private room at a renovated warehouse on the Southside of the city, and they should get ready to go. She and Rex went and showered together, Bisexual Porn Sex but Bisexual Porn Sex even though she wanted Bisexual Porn Sex to blow him, she held off, Bisexual Porn Sex because he too would be expected to cum on her face Bisexual Porn Sex tonight. While they Bisexual Porn Sex showered she asked if she could open her mouth and taste some of the cum before the end tonight. Rex told her Bisexual Porn Sex he didn't think so, but he would find out what the other guys thought. He Bisexual Porn Sex held her and kissed her as he ran his finger along her pussy and her ass. She grabbed his ass cheeks and soaped his anus as they kissed, Bisexual Porn Sex and his cock began to get hard. She stood back and told him "No you don't Rex, save it Bisexual Porn Sex for the party you set up." They got out of the shower and toweled each other off. Lynne looked so good to him standing there her 5'3" body, Bisexual Porn Sex those small breasts with the nice nipples, shaved pussy, Bisexual Porn Sex tight Bisexual Porn Sex body that he knew Bisexual Porn Sex was from working Bisexual Porn Sex out and that sweet ass of hers. She looked the part of a whore, but a damned good Bisexual Porn Sex one. Her clit showed itself when you looked at her, even if her legs weren't spread, and Bisexual Porn Sex when she did spread them, the lips Bisexual Porn Sex opened like a flower inviting you to enter. He went to his bedroom to dress, and she went to the guest bedroom to change into her outfit for the evening. He went downstairs to wait and walked in to Bisexual Porn Sex see Johnny and his wife sitting in the loveseat wrapped Bisexual Porn Sex in each other's arms kissing. Jennifer broke the kiss and told Rex "I am going to miss him tonight baby. But I Bisexual Porn Sex think Johnny has some plans for me." She reached into his lap and took his penis in her hand through his pants. Johnny looked at Bisexual Porn Sex Rex, and told him to take car of Lynne. They heard Bisexual Porn Sex Lynne coming down the stairs and looked up to see her entering Bisexual Porn Sex the den. She was dressed in her schoolgirl outfit and had put her hair up in two pig tails. They told her how good she looked and she leaned over and kissed Johnny and then Jennifer. Jennifer told her "Damn girl, I'd love to taste you right now." Lynne smiled and told her she could have Bisexual Porn Sex her when she got home. Rex kissed Jennifer, picked up the plate, glass and spoon and the headed out the door. As Rex drove, Lynne told him she was REALLY looking forward to tonight. She told him about her first gang bang, but this was going to be different and she didn't know what it would be like at the end, drinking a whole glass of cum. She thought that would be very Bisexual Porn Sex interesting indeed. She Bisexual Porn Sex had ingested a large amount of cum before, but it had been in individual doses, directly from the source. She sat leaning against the door in the passenger, pulled Bisexual Porn Sex up her plaid skirt and began to finger her pussy while she Bisexual Porn Sex talked to him. He looked at her, and down at her Bisexual Porn Sex fingers working that cunt. She brought them to Bisexual Porn Sex her mouth and licked them, then back to her pussy. Rex told her "You are Bisexual Porn Sex such Bisexual Porn Sex a whore Lynne, I knew you would be right Bisexual Porn Sex for this part." When they got to the place where Bisexual Porn Sex she was to be the center of attention, so to speak, Rex took her hand and walked her into the back of the building. When they entered Lynne thought to herself that this was a very simple building, but at least they shouldn't be bothered Bisexual Porn Sex by other people. Rex left through a door that must Bisexual Porn Sex have Bisexual Porn Sex led to the Bisexual Porn Sex room where the party was supposed to Bisexual Porn Sex take place, and returned a few minutes later. He Bisexual Porn Sex told Lynne that the guys had invited Bisexual Porn Sex Bisexual Porn Sex a few more of their friends. Lynne asked "How many more?" Rex told her that there must Bisexual Porn Sex be 75 to 100 people in the next room. Lynne told him, "Then let's get the party Bisexual Porn Sex started, lover. I'm ready." Rex told her not to say anything Bisexual Porn Sex when Bisexual Porn Sex he Bisexual Porn Sex took her into the room, he would show her where to kneel and they would walk up to her when they were ready to Bisexual Porn Sex cum and jerk off in her face. He led her into the room, and she Bisexual Porn Sex looked around to see guys of every shape and cock of every size. The one thing that Bisexual Porn Sex they had in common was most Bisexual Porn Sex of them were playing Bisexual Porn Sex with themselves and they made cat calls to her. She was led to the front of the room and Rex told her to kneel on the pad on the floor. She Bisexual Porn Sex did this and he handed her the plate Bisexual Porn Sex and told Bisexual Porn Sex her to hold it under her face so the c Bisexual Porn Sex
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