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r lips opened like a Bisexual Porn Movie Samples flower in bloom as she found the hard bud of her clitoris and sucked it into her mouth. Maggie cried Bisexual Porn Movie Samples out. Her orgasm was quick and powerful, her legs draped over the other woman's shoulders as her naked feet beat a rhythmical tattoo on June's back. "Ahhhhh ohhhhhhhh...yes...lick me...suck my clit...mmmmm...I'm cumming..." "Oh yes baby," June retorted, "cum for me let me taste your sweet, juices!" Again, June thought, James had been correct in his description of his wife's vagina. She was tiny down there; really tight and succulent and her orgasm had soaked June's face. She could see the little hole contract in front of her eyes as the orgasm continued to pulse through her body. Eventually, Maggie relaxed as her climax subsided and, reluctantly disengaging herself from her new lover, climbed down from the desk. "My turn to watch now!" she cried. Bisexual Porn Movie Samples "June, I want you to stay exactly where you are and see if you, as a more Bisexual Porn Movie Samples experienced woman, can take James' attentions, okay?" June Bisexual Porn Movie Samples didn't need to be asked twice. Since seeing his penis at the start, she had been longing to feel him inside her pussy. At forty two years old, she guessed she was at least eighteen years older than Maggie and Bisexual Porn Movie Samples was all together a larger woman. She had taken many lovers in her time, and although Bisexual Porn Movie Samples none could boast James' dimensions, she thought that she would be able to accommodate him with little discomfort. As Maggie had requested, she stayed on her hands and knees on the floor and glanced over her shoulder Bisexual Porn Movie Samples towards James. Watching Bisexual Porn Movie Samples the show the two women had put on, had obviously had the Bisexual Porn Movie Samples desired effect on him, and James was now sporting a renewed Bisexual Porn Movie Samples erection. "Come on then, ya big stud!" June purred, "come and give this Bisexual Porn Movie Samples slut what she needs! I want that big dick of yours inside me now!" Maggie wanted to help the proceedings along, Bisexual Porn Movie Samples and flipping June's skirt up and over her ample butt she licked her lips as the older woman's pale blue panties were revealed. June sighed as Maggie ran her hands slowly and lovingly over the covered Bisexual Porn Movie Samples globes of her buttocks, slipping her finger down Bisexual Porn Movie Samples into the valley between her legs and feeling the damp gusset. "She's Bisexual Porn Movie Samples definitely ready for you honey," Maggie whispered to James as she deftly tugged the garment over her bottom and wriggled it down Bisexual Porn Movie Samples June's thighs. "Look, she's soaking wet!" James could see the moisture leaking from between the folds of June's pussy as his wife had indicated, but he was too Bisexual Porn Movie Samples excited at the prospect of fucking her to look for very Bisexual Porn Movie Samples long. Assisted by his wife, and to the sound of Maggie's loud moans, he opened her vaginal lips Bisexual Porn Movie Samples as wide as he could and eased the massive head of his erect cock into Bisexual Porn Movie Samples her pussy. June's moans turned to small Bisexual Porn Movie Samples squeals of delight as she felt herself being penetrated. It was almost as if a baseball bat was being inserted into Bisexual Porn Movie Samples her (although she had once tried that and failed!), as James pushed his huge penis deeper and deeper. "Oh god," cried James as he sank in to the hilt. "She's got it all in honey. It feels so good in there. Her cunt's so hot and wet!" Maggie felt a slight pang of jealousy, but was too excited to let it spoil the fun. "Fuck her James...Go on ... Fuck Bisexual Porn Movie Samples her deep and hard!" she cried "Yes, James. Do me. Fuck my slut pussy for me!" June exclaimed. She was near Bisexual Porn Movie Samples to orgasm already Bisexual Porn Movie Samples and knew that as soon as this big cock started to fuck her properly, she was going to explode. Slowly at first, Bisexual Porn Movie Samples but quickly picking up the pace, James thrust his cock into June's hot pussy. She had swallowed up every inch of him and he Bisexual Porn Movie Samples could feel the warm result of her screamed orgasm soak into his pubic hair. Harder and harder he began to fuck the eager woman as she bucked her hips back towards him, drawing him further into her depths. The sensations were exquisite and, with a final lunge into her Bisexual Porn Movie Samples slippery tunnel, James's began to cum for the second time. His orgasm, though, was none the less powerful Bisexual Porn Movie Samples and he groaned through clenched teeth as his seed poured into the older woman's womb. Bisexual Porn Movie Samples When he eventually pulled his cock free of June's well dilated hole and sat back on his heels, he was delighted as both women fell upon Bisexual Porn Movie Samples him with eager mouths and took turns licking the Bisexual Porn Movie Samples streaks of semen from his spent manhood. When they had all managed to get their breath back, it was Maggie who asked the question. "Well doctor...I mean June, This Bisexual Porn Movie Samples has been great, but apart from showing me how to make James's cum in my mouth, you still haven't solved the problem of him actually fucking me, have you? I've just got to do it, you looked so hot with his cock buried inside you like that. I want to feel it too - isn't there anything more you can do?" June had already anticipated this question and smiled warmly at the younger woman. "One thing at a time, honey," Bisexual Porn Movie Samples she cooed gently. "That the problem is that your pussy needs stretching and spreading. I can help Bisexual Porn Movie Samples you with that," she winked "but it's Bisexual Porn Movie Samples going to take a few more sessions. Shall we say the same time next week?" "What ab
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