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the pleasure of having two such massive cocks in me at once Bisexual Male Video filling me with ecstasy. I could feel Andy was holding back to keep from cumming, so biting once at his neck, I lifted myself off both boys. Bisexual Male Video I eyed Bisexual Male Video Andy before lowering my mouth to his cock; the sight of it slicked with my wetness was beautiful. Bisexual Male Video I put my Bisexual Male Video mouth over Andy's cock and Bisexual Male Video tasted my fragrant juices, still Bisexual Male Video warm from our fucking. I massaged Andy's cock with my mouth slowly, teasingly to keep him from erect. Bisexual Male Video Chris sat, watching and stroking his cock as I brought Andy nearer and nearer to orgasm. Andy was so tense, and Bisexual Male Video I was so wet still; I hated to stop off as much as they both had. It seemed as though Chris were reading my mind when he came up behind me, his erect cock pressing against my back and shoved his fingers into my warm, moist pussy. I moaned and brought myself down hard on Andy's cock to keep from screaming from the bliss. It wasn't long before I felt that I had to be fucked or I would die. Pushing Bisexual Male Video Andy back against the Bisexual Male Video couch, I once again mounted him, leaving Chris once again with the back door; I hoped he couldn't tell I liked the size of Andy's dick better. I rammed myself down on Andy Bisexual Male Video and as I started to pump vigorously, I Bisexual Male Video felt Chris's dick once Bisexual Male Video again invade my asshole. I couldn't help but scream as I felt these two huge cocks pounding away inside of me, both tense and about Bisexual Male Video to burst. I could feel Chris's balls tighten against my ass and I knew he was about to blow. At the same time, I felt ready to explode myself. Grinding Bisexual Male Video myself against Andy with such force that my knees are Bisexual Male Video still red (from rubbing against the couch), I felt the first spray of Chris's orgasm Bisexual Male Video spew into me. He quickly pulled out and I could feel the warm jets of cum drizzle onto Bisexual Male Video my back and down my ass. This left only Andy and me. Andy was one of Bisexual Male Video the first and still one of the best fucks I've ever had, even after all this time. For over 6 Bisexual Male Video years, we've been fucking at least once a month, even if my boy Bisexual Male Video toy of the time (currently Chris) didn't Bisexual Male Video like it. As Andy and I ground ourselves against each other harder and harder, I felt Chris try to mount me once again; I reached back with one hand and shoved him away, resting my head against Andy's shoulder as we both climbed towards orgasm. I could feel myself Bisexual Male Video about to orgasm, and Bisexual Male Video I (as is the habit) bit into Andy's shoulder, my teeth clenching his shoulder and my pussy clenching his cock as I felt those familiar but always welcome spasms of my vaginal walls. I orgasmed Bisexual Male Video while Bisexual Male Video still holding Bisexual Male Video on to Andy, and I knew he was also about to Bisexual Male Video burst. Tilting my head back, I saw that he was clenching his teeth to keep from cumming. Deviant as I am, I shoved Bisexual Male Video myself down on his cock with all the force I could and simultaneously shoved my tongue deep into his mouth, causing him Bisexual Male Video to cum all at once, his Bisexual Male Video juices spewing into me, my lingering orgasm welcoming the new streams of Bisexual Male Video cum. I continued to fuck him, his penis still spurting gently. When I knew that he Bisexual Male Video was done, I passionately Bisexual Male Video kissed him Bisexual Male Video once more before climbing off of him and kneeling to lick him clean, still ignoring Chris. A Bi Beginning Ch. 3 The girls catch him watching. And Bisexual Male Video so the deep sleep that followed after Bisexual Male Video the incredible group sex that night was short but sweet. Half awake Bisexual Male Video and drowsy from the images Bisexual Male Video of the land of dreams I had to do a quick but silent double take of the sight before me. I stifled a yawn and Bisexual Male Video willed my body not to move or shuffle or stretch out as it so desperately wanted to. Bisexual Male Video Chrysler was blissfully snoozing on his armchair chair and a quiet, almost therapeutic snore emanated from the living room where Andy was asleep on the sofa. I alone was in the bed and aware of the most beautiful sight the sexual world could offer. Fin and Yannah had drifted off to sleep in each others' arms before I had Bisexual Male Video succumbed and curled up alone in my sheet on the other side of the giant king-size bed. One of the girls had obviously awakened here in the small hours and begun to enjoy the other... it was hard to tell how long it Bisexual Male Video had already been going on for. My body was screaming out at me to move and I had a killer itch on my left inner thigh. I always wake with my cock hard and wanting attention, but here in that normally dark and silent place that is 6am, this time it felt like it would explode with the incredible Bisexual Male Video scene before me. The sight was so awesome the descriptive powers Bisexual Male Video of a mere male could never do it justice... the hushed and self-silenced moans the girls made as Bisexual Male Video they did beautiful things Bisexual Male Video to Bisexual Male Video each others' bodies made me envious of the sensations only their bodies Bisexual Male Video could ever capable of Bisexual Male Video feeling. Bisexual Male Video I lay there as silent as I could, Bisexual Male Video and Bisexual Male Video looked on in awe through barely-open eyelids, risking the smallest movement of my arm to be able to tweak my aching member or scratch that insatiable itch as Bisexual Male Video best I could beneath the sheet without attracting ay attention. That Bisexual Male Video my cock was suffering a painfully stiff Bisexual Male Video erection would have been obvious to any eye shot my way... my 6
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