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ould to work his Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos monster back down my throat. "Don't forget my balls, Sally," Carl ordered. Tentatively, I squeezed his large nuts, Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos feeling the hot boiling jizz gurgling inside his sack. "Suck Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos them," he commanded. I Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos took each ball in my mouth, his sweat tasting salty and dirty. I nibbled each nut as I continued to stroke his towering cock. "Suck my cock, again," he continued. As Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos I lowered my mouth back down on his treacherous shaft, I felt a pair Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos of hands grasp my exposed butt. Dave Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos spread my cheeks and I felt his tongue rimming my puckered hole. I had once talked Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos a drunken girlfriend into Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos rimming my Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos ass. She thought it was Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos gross and we Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos broke-up shortly there Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos after. But I had loved every minute of it. As I fought my gag Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos reflex, I worked my throat down on Carl's swollen member, Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos getting another inch beyond my previous high Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos water mark, the pierced ring of Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos his knob rubbing against the back of Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos my stretched throat. Dave continued to eat my ass, his talented tongue fucking my sphincter, causing waves of never before Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos felt pleasure to radiate through my body. The picture on the video screen of that big ugly trucker burying his tongue up my ass made me sick to my stomach, but my ass was twitching and loving every minute of it. I Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos could see Dave had stripped down as well, but with Carl's cock buried down my throat, I couldn't Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos maneuver to see Dave's package. "This fucker's got some talent," Carl Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos whistled. "A couple more tries and I'll be tickling his nose with my pubes." Pulling his cock from my mouth he asked, "You like sucking that big cock, don't you bitch?" Slow to respond, Carl slapped my face repeatedly Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos with his dick. "I can't Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos hear you?" "Yes sir," Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos I responded. "I like sucking your big dick." "Tell me more, faggot!" Carl ordered. I Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos didn't really know what Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos to say. I feared for my life, raped by two huge truckers, stranded in the middle of nowhere, without hope of rescue. Slapping my face Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos with Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos his angry dick, Carl bellowed, Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos "Beg for my dick, cocksucker!" Dave reached between my legs Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos and squeezed my exposed balls Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos tightly, a sickening feeling racing through my body, "Beg for it douche bag." "I wanna suck your huge cock," I grunted. "Please fuck my face with your giant boner." "That's better, sissy," Carl moaned as he pushed my head back down on his erection. As I worked his Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos tool down my throat, he thrust Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos up violently, Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos forcing another couple inches down my Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos throat, only an inch of his fat shaft still exposed. My eyes bulged as I struggled to breath through my nose, his cock blocking my windpipe. "That's it bitch, suck my cock," Carl groaned. "Hey Dave, I think I can get my whole rod down this fucker's pie hole, but not in this position." Withdrawing his Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos dick from my aching mouth, Carl ordered me back into the front Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos seat, "Lay down across the front bench, with your head hanging off the seat, out the open door. Cross your arms behind your back." As I followed his orders, Carl climbed out on Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos the running boards, his voracious cock glistening in the afternoon sun. "Lean your head back and open your throat," Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos he commanded, "I'm gonna fuck that hot throat of yours like a pussy." As I tilted my head back, I noticed Dave had grabbed a hand-held video camera and was shooting the new scene. Carl grabbed the trucks roof and thrust his boner towards my open mouth. 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I felt a large solid object Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos press against my recently rimmed bunghole, but with Carl buried down my throat, my arms pinned beneath me, and Dave's strong grip on my legs, I was helpless. "You're in for a treat now," Carl bellowed as he relentlessly pounded my sore throat. "Women go nuts for Dave's Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos big fuckstick." I struggled, squirming my ass from side to side as Dave leaned his Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos weight against my virgin sphincter. "Relax fuckbucket," Dave ordered as he squeezed my swollen Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos nuts, Bisexual Cum Swallowing Videos "You ain't goin' nowhere. The more you struggle, the more its gonna hurt." With an audible pop, his dickhead speared my cherry. The pain was searing. It felt like I was passing a guyney stone, only the fucker was working its way upstream. "Damn that's a tight hole," Dave sighed. "You better relax your sphincter or I'm gonna do some perma
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