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on every inch of my body, relaxation overtook me. Bisex Forced Gallery Sometime during this exquisite service, I dozed off. I slept for just a few minutes, because I was soon asked to turn over and lay on my Bisex Forced Gallery back. When I did so, my own erection was exposed to the room. But the biggest surprise was that when I turned over, my masseuse was also bare naked. Bisex Forced Gallery He had an incredible body that had absolutely no fat. He was indeed the product of the gym and a regimented body building routine. Every hair Bisex Forced Gallery on Bisex Forced Gallery his body aside from the spiked blond hair on Bisex Forced Gallery his head and his blond eyebrows was absent. The rigor of giving me my massage had caused him to work up Bisex Forced Gallery a light sweat, and as a result, his body glistened in the dim light just like the hot Bisex Forced Gallery studs in the body building magazines. Perhaps his most developed muscle was his enormous, thick cock. He was a full nine inches in length, and a nearly 3 inches in diameter. I was hypnotized by his enormous manhood. Though he was totally Bisex Forced Gallery sexually aroused, he remained the professional, and continued to massage the front Bisex Forced Gallery of my body, paying careful attention Bisex Forced Gallery to avoid my groin area. His strong hands kneaded my pecs, he massaged my face and Bisex Forced Gallery sinus areas, my temples, shoulders, and moved on to my thighs, lower legs, and feet. After reaching my feet, he worked on each toe separately. He concluded by giving me an incredible hand massage. It was heavenly. At the conclusion of the massage, without a word, he bent down and took my cock into his mouth. While he was a talented masseuse, those skills paled against his cocksucking skills. He gave me an incredible blowjob. Very quickly, Bisex Forced Gallery he expertly brought me on the brink of orgasm. As I neared the point of no return, he suddenly switched speeds, changed postions, and strattled Bisex Forced Gallery me Bisex Forced Gallery in Bisex Forced Gallery a sixty-nine position on the massage table. Without hesitation, I opened my tired mouth and took his cock into my mouth. We treated one Bisex Forced Gallery another to a sweet and sexy blowjob. Within Bisex Forced Gallery minutes, I again reached the point of orgasm. Bisex Forced Gallery This time, he Bisex Forced Gallery allowed me to go over the brink, and I sprayed the Bisex Forced Gallery back of his mouth with another hot load of my own cum. In the throes of my short, yet powerful Bisex Forced Gallery orgasm, Bisex Forced Gallery he too, Bisex Forced Gallery went over the edge Bisex Forced Gallery and filled my mouth with his load. He apparently had a few days semen stored away, as he filled my mouth with shot after shot of the Bisex Forced Gallery thick white stuff. He tasted incredibly delicious. After each Bisex Forced Gallery of us filled the other with our Bisex Forced Gallery loads, he dismounted the table, turned around and gave me a hot, delicious, cum- flavored kiss. Not only did I taste his semen, I also tasted my own. What Bisex Forced Gallery a hot birthday Bisex Forced Gallery gift this turned out to be! We laid on the Bisex Forced Gallery table making out for several minutes and were interrupted only by the voices of my friends, informing me Bisex Forced Gallery it was time Bisex Forced Gallery to move on. As we broke the kiss, my loving masseuse Bisex Forced Gallery took my ear lobe between his teeth and then whispered to me, "That's Bisex Forced Gallery SEVENTEEN, Bisex Forced Gallery loverboy!" We exchanged a few pleasantries and promises to get together once again before I was dressed and spirited away into the Bisex Forced Gallery night. Moments later we were back in the van and motoring our way back towards Illinois. Just across the bridge, we pulled off the interstate and wound our way through the dilapidated streets of East St. Louis. After a short excursion through the darkened streets, we pulled up to the Faces complex. This is perhaps the Bisex Forced Gallery most awesome gay club around. You can Bisex Forced Gallery expect anything to happen in there, and it usually does. As I Bisex Forced Gallery was being whisked out of the van, I glanced at my watch Bisex Forced Gallery to see that it was approaching 11:00 p.m. My birthday adventure would soon be winding down, but I Bisex Forced Gallery still had more dick to suck. We checked in at the door and I was immediately taken through the bar to the back room. Nate, Scott and Bisex Forced Gallery Mike tag-teamed me and stripped me down to complete nakedness. I was then pushed into the maze. The last words to me were, "you've got 30 minutes!" I walked around the mini-maze Bisex Forced Gallery and was treated to incredible Bisex Forced Gallery sites all around me. Black guys sucking and fucking with other black guys. White guys sucking and fucking other white guys. And an equal proportion of black guys getting it on with white Bisex Forced Gallery guys. There was no racial barriers in this place. The smell of man sex permeated the whole back room. The sites and sounds of men sucking Bisex Forced Gallery and fucking Bisex Forced Gallery one another was Bisex Forced Gallery awesome. I enjoyed the shows going on all around me for a few minutes while I got my bearings. As Bisex Forced Gallery I was watching a white guy going down on a hung black stud, I felt a hand on my bare shoulder. Bisex Forced Gallery I turned to see a Bisex Forced Gallery handsome twenty-something black Bisex Forced Gallery man. "What's up, man?" "I am, for sure!" was my less than brilliant reply. "And, I can see that Bisex Forced Gallery you are, too." "That's what it's all Bisex Forced Gallery about in here." Without saying another word, I automatically turned to face the handsome black stranger, dropped to my knees and took his gorgeous cock into my mouth. Like others around me, I provided this nameless hunk with a wonderfully oral servicing. I loved the Bisex Forced Gallery feel of his thick black Bisex Forced Gallery cock sliding in and out of my lips. He reached down and
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