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etting deeper inside me. My eye lids crept open, looking to the magnificent feast in the mirror across from me. Bi Girlfriend Photo There, I saw the feast in all its glory. My ass cheeks, raised Bi Girlfriend Photo high in the air, and Gregory, knelt down with that towel still clinging to his tone abdomen. His arms resting upon my shaking thighs... flesh to flesh... Bi Girlfriend Photo man to man... Now stimulated by sight and feeling, I felt myself become dizzy. Bi Girlfriend Photo This was too much to ingest. If this was as Bi Girlfriend Photo remarkable as it felt now, I Bi Girlfriend Photo would never go back to my unhappy straight lifestyle. How could I? With this much beauty Bi Girlfriend Photo and fervor? How could Bi Girlfriend Photo any man resist such exquisite and bold lovemaking? This Bi Girlfriend Photo one act Bi Girlfriend Photo of unbridled love convinced me that I was now going to be a gay man for the rest of my life. Damn the consequences. This was magnificence in it's most purest form. “I am gay… I am Bi Girlfriend Photo truly gay.” Bi Girlfriend Photo I said to myself over and Bi Girlfriend Photo over. Bi Girlfriend Photo Gregory lunged forward with his face again as I felt his tongue swirl inside Bi Girlfriend Photo my bowels. I gently cried out for him as I then clinched my ass muscles... I wanted my ass to "milk" his tongue in Bi Girlfriend Photo a Bi Girlfriend Photo way. Yet my most deepest Bi Girlfriend Photo hope was yet to come. What I really wanted was my ass to milk Gregory's life giving bouillon from his beautiful, stout cock. If I could feel his seed spill inside me, then I would be complete. I would forever be a true man. Just knowing my body would make a man cumm is a thought that still causes my heart to skip a beat... Gregory's moist face slowly lifted from my plundered ass. I flirtatiously drew my leg back so that he could come to me. And he faithfully did. Rolling over, I offered my hands to his as our eyes locked together in a telling gaze. Our hands intertwined, I lifted myself up for my Bi Girlfriend Photo very first kiss with a man. Gentleness consumed me as I lightly grazed my lips to his, tasting my own salty essence on his lips. The heavenly sound of lip suction echoed throughout the steamy room as Bi Girlfriend Photo he then crushed his mouth to mine. I inhaled, wrapping my arms around his muscular back, basking in the deluge of pure homosexual love. His taste was a sweet, delicious one. Bi Girlfriend Photo Full of promise and hope for what was to come. It was a kiss unlike any other I had ever felt. Light whiskers brushed my jaw as our Bi Girlfriend Photo faces twisted together for a hungrier kiss. His brawny arms bound me, cradling me as if a I were Bi Girlfriend Photo his long lost love. The mere thought of kissing another man entered my mind's eye... "I am kissing another man." I said to myself. “And he will Bi Girlfriend Photo fuck me Bi Girlfriend Photo later.” His fingers gingerly crisscrossed through my hair, caressing me as our kiss grew. My tongue glided out, only to be Bi Girlfriend Photo taken in, and suckled in his thirsty mouth. I parted my mouth as wide as it could go, as if I were yawning. His mouth held its grip upon my tongue, twisting his head as his palms cupped the sides of my face. Saliva drooled from my lower lip while his fingers lovingly caressed Bi Girlfriend Photo my face. It was as if our kiss was to be the kiss of all kisses... like out of some romance movie. My entire body Bi Girlfriend Photo acted out of impulse-- my ankles, pressed against his soft, yet rigid Bi Girlfriend Photo ass, wrapping around his God-like body. His beautiful frame now Bi Girlfriend Photo encased in my hold as my tongue fell from his lips... Exhaling his name in a breathless sigh, Gregory's mouth secured itself to my bare neck. I could Bi Girlfriend Photo feel the hunger stirring in his veins as his teeth sank into my flesh. Bi Girlfriend Photo He was hungry... eager for a Bi Girlfriend Photo true man. The kiss Bi Girlfriend Photo abruptly ended Bi Girlfriend Photo as Bi Girlfriend Photo he stood back. Misty eyed and unsure, he motioned me to stay where I was. Bi Girlfriend Photo Now in safe Bi Girlfriend Photo viewing, Gregory brought his right hand to Bi Girlfriend Photo his waist-- gripping the towel that concealed the true prize I had been waiting for. My eyes fell down to his groin, now sporting a noticeable Bi Girlfriend Photo 'tent'... a definite hard penis was waiting underneath. As if time itself had ceased, Gregory easily tucked Bi Girlfriend Photo his fingers in to loosen the knot... then, the flap of the towel crept forward, eventually loosening the rest of the towel... Bi Girlfriend Photo as if Bi Girlfriend Photo a treasure had finally been unearthed... Seductively, and ever so flirtatiously, Gregory lifted the towel to his side... giving my eyes a full spectacle to witness. I Bi Girlfriend Photo caught my breath, now seeing this massive, thick stalk sprouting from his well defined groin. Again, no hair, yet lots of smooth tan flesh to consume. I swear Bi Girlfriend Photo his organ must have been nine inches in length, and at least three inches broad in diameter. My heart sank just seeing another man's penis in front of me... My eyes were glued to the sight. Bi Girlfriend Photo With a thin smile, Gregory Bi Girlfriend Photo released that Bi Girlfriend Photo damn Bi Girlfriend Photo towel at long last and stood before me... free and utterly nude. Not one Bi Girlfriend Photo stitch of clothing hung from his Herculean frame. "Look at me, Brian... look at what you did to me." Gregory softly whispered. "You made another man hard. I bet you never thought you could do that, did you?” I shook my head Bi Girlfriend Photo in awareness, taken by hearing him softly speak those words. I sat, open mouthed, staring at his lustrous dark eyes as I then looked again at his amazing cock. Gregory strode forward. "Kneel down and look at it... Go on,
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