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usky sweetness on my lips. I considered by own gratification that had gone unsatisfied. Dreaming of my lover and still savoring his Bi-Boys taste, I rested for a few moments waiting for Nate to finish his shower. I must have dozed for a few moments, because I was suddenly brought back to consciousness by a familiar warm, dampness surrounding my still semi- erect Bi-Boys cock. Bi-Boys I opened my eyes to see our neighbor, Bi-Boys Mike, stark naked, kneeling over me and bringing my cock back to life. Standing behind him was his roommate and Bi-Boys lover, Scott. Bi-Boys Mike and Scott shared the apartment directly across the hall from us. We knew they were gay lovers and Mike and Scott knew that Nate and I were gay lovers. Oftentimes, we'd rent gay pornos on a weekend and the four of us Bi-Boys would watch them together. It never failed that the movies always ended with each of us having hot sex on the living Bi-Boys room floor with our lover. Up until now, though, Nate nor I had ever had sex Bi-Boys with Mike or Scott. Mike was an expert cocksucker along the same vein as Bi-Boys my precious Nate. He serviced me and coaxed me toward orgasm, but always stopping just short of Bi-Boys allowing Bi-Boys me to Bi-Boys cum. As Bi-Boys the expert blowjob continued, Scott, climbed up on the bed and strattled my Bi-Boys face. His semi-erect 7 inch dick, glistening with pre-cum, pulsating just inches from my mouth. As the sexual tension continued to build, I could wait no longer, I Bi-Boys hungrily swallowed Scott's gorgeous tool. In a matter of Bi-Boys minutes, he poured Bi-Boys his hot jism down my throat. What an incredible flavor he offered. I, on the otherhand, was aching to shoot my own load, but the expert who was servicing my meat would not let me go over the Bi-Boys edge. As Scott dismounted, Bi-Boys Mike stopped sucking and re-positioned himself above my face and offered me HIS 6 inch, thick meat. As Scott Bi-Boys went Bi-Boys to clean up, Nate emerged Bi-Boys from the shower and announced, "That's TWO, birthday boy!" I sucked Mike for all I was worth. Having no mouth Bi-Boys on my own cock, I reached down and began jacking myself off, hoping, wanting, and needing to Bi-Boys get off. Bi-Boys After two or three stokes, someone grabbed my hand and removed it from my dick. "Nope, Brian, you don't get to cum yet. There's too much yet to do," Bi-Boys Nate announced. I dutifully kept my hands off my pulsating cock, and continued to fellate my handsome neighbor. Mike as Bi-Boys 19, and very slim. He had cleancut, boyish features, and would be regarded as a fem by some. But, to me he was a beautiful young creature. I worked on Bi-Boys his Bi-Boys chubby, filled with the desire to Bi-Boys taste his semen. I licked his balls and the underside of his fat dick. "Brian, I'm gonna cum!" Bi-Boys he shouted. "I'm cumming. I'm cummmmmmminnnnnnggggg!" That skinny young lad shot a load in my mouth like none other I'd ever had. He came in spurts, some of which ran down the side of my mouth. I couldn't swallow it all. As he dismounted, Mike bent down and gave me a soft, wonderful kiss. He swept his tongue across my lips, trying to taste his own juices. He licked the side of my mouth and my cheeks, licking up every Bi-Boys drop of jism that Bi-Boys I had not been able to keep in Bi-Boys my mouth. Bi-Boys What a Bi-Boys turn-on Bi-Boys it was to watch and feel this gorgeous man eat his own cum. "That's THREE!" cried Nate. "Now get yourself out of bed and jump in the shower. We've all taken off work and Bi-Boys we're gonna have a huge day today.!" "One more Bi-Boys thing, Bi-Boys Bri. Don't even think of cumming just yet. You'll need that load later. "Jesus," I thought to myself. I was on the verge of cumming without even Bi-Boys touching myself. I was about to bust. But, at the same time, I knew that if I did what my friend and lover Nate asked me to do, I would be justly rewarded sooner or later. Bi-Boys I must have set a record for a quick shower. I was in and out in about three minutes. I quickly dressed and prepared to leave. As we were getting ready to walk out the door, the apartment's doorbell rang. I opened the door and was greeted by Damon. Damon was my best friend Bi-Boys from Bi-Boys junior high and Bi-Boys high school. We had virtually grown up together. Damon was a hot dude and always had a cheerleader Bi-Boys or other gorgeous girl for a girlfriend. Damon was Bi-Boys a football player, basketball player, and musician in the school's Bi-Boys band. He had always been popular with both the girls and guys. Damon is a true friend. During the times that I was struggling to Bi-Boys find my sexual identity, Damon was there for me. When Bi-Boys I was starting to deal with the possibility of discovering my homosexuality, Damon just listened to me. He never put me down, and he Bi-Boys never was repulsed when I shared my feelings with him. Bi-Boys Though he was Bi-Boys as straight as an arrow, Damon was the best friend a gay guy could ever have. He is always Bi-Boys interested in me and my love life. My being gay is just as normal to Damon as being straight is to him. "Happy Birthday, Bri!" Damon proclaimed as he walked in the door. He came forward and Bi-Boys gave me a friendly hug. "I'm your chauffeur today for your Bi-Boys birthday trip." "Well, then let's haul ass!" announced Nate. He kissed me on the lips, Bi-Boys grabbed my hand and led our troupe out the door to Da
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